Police Brutality


Police Brutality is an active problem in countries all over the world, We need to target the problem and raise awareness about how cruel and unjustified the police force is.  79% of police brutality is on African Americans, this number is outrageous and it shows the obvious fact that the police base a lot of biases on race.  We have been reaching out to different police stations sharing facts and asking police commissioners what they thought about the facts.  We have also held multiple protests at different cities town halls, and we have had some march’s for the lives lost to police brutality.Related image

Many of the lives lost to police brutality are because of officers making false acquisitions and then acting based on that. When these officers think someone is pulling a gun when a black person puts there hand in there pocket there not only profiling but discriminating because they are assuming the said individual has a gun. There are some cases obviously when police reserve the right to kill, this is only aloud to be used if they feel there own life is threatened, but based off that police are afraid of there lives when a 12 year old has an orange toy gun.

Police brutality has been in effect for ever, it can also be broken down into power roles, when people are instated as an officer they promise to use there authority for good but when police do not do this it throws off the whole system. We need to be harsher on penalties for the police and we need to start having a more detailed background check when applying as a police officer. When we allow anybody to join the police force we allow anyone the right to be a killer. There have been to many innocent lives taken to this topic, it must stop now.Image result for police brutalityImage result for police brutality

Join us in speaking with Santa Barbaras police commissoner and in the peaceful protest in front  of city hall on July 10th 2017 at 10:00am we will be marching through the streets raising awareness for Police Brutality and for all of those that have died because of it.