Hello people if you have made it this far you should know im London, and this is my blog.  I like to skateboard, surf, and film skateboarding, I also like to do art and most of my friends are artists. I am in MAD Academy to better my artistic skills in photography, videoing, and multi media. I enjoy going new places, traveling to weird countries with my mom and videoing  the best skateboarders I can find. I am a sponsored skater and filmer for LightHouse Skate Shop.IMG_9985.PNG   This blog is going to be an overview of my artistic friends,  its going to show multiple different Santa Barbara artists, as well there art and what they believe art is. The reason this topic is important to me is because my family raised me in an environment with many artists. My Dad is a DJ my Mom does Art and my grandfather had art in the white house 20 years ago… Also when I was in 4th grade my babysitter was one of the biggest street art and Graffiti artists in San Francisco.img_9984         I will try my best to interview interesting people with lots to share. I will show you the inside of being a artist and the struggle that they all go through to keep doing their art, and how some of them try to live off of their art. I will be sharing person experiences about people including myself. I will be posting every week and hopefully you’ll like it.