SFSC, the youths playground…

The San Francisco Skate Club is run by husband and wife named Shawn and Thuye Connolly. Shawn is a professional skateboarder and Thuye is a teacher at a middle school.  At 3 oclock everyday Shawn opens up the shop and a rush of kids come flowing in. First they all have to do and finish their homework then they get to make art, or they can go on a skateboard mission with Shawn. During the time I spent at the San Francisco skate club I made a skate video, a zine, a music video, a commercial, and a short film featuring some of the bay areas best skaters.IMG_0405.PNG

Shawn grew up in Ohio and moved to SF at the age of 18. He quickly got picked up by companies and soon was on the cover of big brother mag. Shawn is a incredible human, he has spent the last 20 years teaching the youth and helping the image of skateboarding in SF. Shawn has also spent years working with the city on getting more skate designated areas in the city and in the last 2 years he has been successful with the outcome of  new Skate parks one in the mission district and the other in the sunset.IMG_0404.PNG

Shawn has taught me so much over the years, from learning how to ollie to how to use premiere and how to render VHS files. I thank Shawn for so many of the things that I love about San Fran. Shawn is the true definition of a SF local, he was born and raised and hes still there holding on not letting the yuppies take him out. IMG_0406.PNG

I asked Shawn a few questions about what is keeping him doing what hes doing and what his thought on art in the city is like right now. I asked Shawn what he thought the skate club might look like in 5 years and he said ” in 5 years the club will most likely not be run by me, I want to ensure that SFSC will be here forever but I want to pass it down to someone who will stick with it for as long as I have.” I then asked how Shawn has been doing what hes been doing for so long he said ” The reason Im still doing what Im doing is because i love it, The feeling I get when I teach a kid to skate or when I Get to see kids like you grow into older mature skaters who are giving the skate scene a better look.”


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