Benji Bear Man

IMG_0362.PNGBenji and I met when we both started working for a summer skate camp. It was right when I moved back  to Santa Barbara and me and Benni started to skate and film a lot. He went SBCC a for two years and took photography and then recently Benji moved up to  SF to a photography school. Benji has worked with a couple companies like rip n dip and spitfire for ad photography as well as taking photos for shows at the Fillmore. Benji always has a camera and is taking pictures of everything around him, it is great to have someone documenting all the time.IMG_0367.PNG

When I go to San Francisco and meet up with Benji for the day we like to meet up down town grab a bagel at our favorite spot Luckys and then hop on the the bus to GG park. We usually skate all the way across the city from GG park and up back in the Richmond. I love to just get to skate around with friends in SF and it is great to be able to go anywhere in the city for free. Benji has only lived in SF for six months but he thinks he wants to stay.IMG_0366.PNG

I asked Benji some questions about trying to be an artist and living in sf this is what he gave me. What is it like living in San Francisco in the modern day I asked “I love how SF is now there are some frustrating things like the prices foe rent and food, but besides that it is a beautiful place and it is great to get to explore the city.” I then asked what he thought about trying to become an artist was like and he said ” It is extremely hard to be a artist getting into the game right now, there are so many people that want to become photographers and there are also a lot of people that can.” The last thing that me and Benji talked about was his thought on the art scene in SF he said that it is becoming a lot more of a business tech city and less of an art one.



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