Quinny Boy


Quin and I have been going to the skate park for years, it is the first place we met and is one of our favorite places to this day. The park is a great place to meet people and to start relationships. The skate park is where I have met most of my closest and best friends, and it is usually where I go to meet people. Me and Quinns friendship started with us playing skate and him brutally winning, I remembering hating after that because of how embarrassed I was but that event started our relationship and I am happy he beat me at our first game because I have won the rest since then.IMG_0317.JPG

Skating is a big part of Quinns life and I am happy that I have gotten to watch him progress over the years. For Quin and I skating is a huge outlet and has kept us both out of a lot of trouble it has also taught me about not giving up and trying until you accomplish something. Quinn says the best thing about skating for him is ” the community that you get to build over the years and all the friends that you get to make, also how you can go to the skate park at any time and and you know you will see someone you know.” I asked him why he loves Skaters Point and he said ” I like skaters point because of the sense of family that you get from being there, everyone is there to have fun and practice, which makes it so great. I am very thankful that we have such a great skate park in Santa Barbara.”IMG_0318.JPG

Quinn is one of my favorite skaters because of the style that he has. He always has new tricks to try and he never gives up on a trick, Quinns style is like a surfer, he stays low to the ground and makes sharp turns. Quinn is more of a street skater but can handle pretty much any terrain. Quinn and I will be at the park for the rest of our lives and I cant wait to see how good Quinn is gonna get.



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