Kasuls Lukas Kasul


IMG_0298.PNGLukas  was born in Germany, he moved to California for college and has been going back and fourth since then. Kasul is a street artist, a business owner, and a CC student. He was born in Hamburg Germany and started the Kasul movement when he was 15. Kasul is one of the most detailed artist that I know, each kasul that he does has something special to it. He used to do more street art and graffiti but as he has gotten older he has moved more into canvas and focusing on his clothing company which has recently blown up in Germany.IMG_6558.JPG

The kasul icon comes from the German doller bill, and is warped in its own way for each piece or painting that he does. Kasul is a huge inspiration to a lot of people because of how young he is and how successful his brand has been, he sell’s his clothing to cc college students and also to a large amount of people in Germany. He currently has merchandise  at 15 stores and sells through an online store to the US and Germany. He plans to broaden his online store worldwide and also to get his own store in LA one day.

IMG_8784-2.JPGI asked Kasul what art was to him and he said ” art is my life I think about it constantly, Its the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think about at night, It constantly keeps me entertained and never disappoints me when I do it. I think that I will be creating art for the rest of my life and m very lucky to be able to make art every day and also to get paid to do it with my own company.”

Kasul is the most talented painter that I know he paints canvass that he sells for 25 dollars  and could be getting hundreds for it. I hope to see him get his art work into more galleries and I am very proud to be friends with such a talented artist.


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