Amy Baird (Momma)

Amy Louise Baird

IMG_7842.JPGAmy is a very special person because she has the ability to learn and do anything that she wants to. Playing the accordion, sure why not, learning to draw portraits, traveling for months on end and going to pretty much every music festival that is worth while. I believe that a big part in my interest in art is because of my parents, both of them tell me that I have it in my blood, with my dads father and my moms grandmother.IMG_7930.JPG

Amy has been taking me to music festivals for as long as I can remember, she started taking me to lightning and a bottle when I was 5 and  when I was 10 we went to Burning Man,  I got to see a lot of really creative art  and music that I would not have seen otherwise. My mom has taken me to China, England, Scotland, and Iceland. My mom lives in San Francisco with my little sister and my dog.IMG_7968 (1).JPG

I asked my mom what art was to her and she asked me what I thought it was then a couple minutes later gave me this ” Art is something you are born with, it is something that you develope, copy and change, art should never pressure you and it  should never feel like you have to do it is something that is just there when ever you need it or don’t.”

My mom is an acupuncturist which means that she basically sticks needles in people for a living, she officially became an acupuncturist while she was pregnant with me, and when I was 8 we went to china for her to get her doctorate. Were in China for a month and a half with a whole class of my moms students. We went to ancient ruins in Shanghai and got to see old emperrors in Honzoi. My mother has always given me amazing experiences and I am so happy to have her as my mother.

My moms art might have died when she graduated college but she will always be an artist at heart, I hope that I continue to make art for longer than her and I hope she continues to encourage me.





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