The art of getting by


Levi Caylor

Levi is the closest thing to a brother that I have, together we have traveled, spent months on  art projects, made multiple skate videos, and passed out trying to surf. Levi is 22 and has been making art his whole life, he is probably one of the most diverse artists I have ever met, he is a painter, glass blower, sculptor, photographer, tattoo artist, and wire wrapper. Levi is a very fast moving person so even though he is so talented in so many art forms he is always looking for something new to try and learn and master. Once he feels accomplished with the art he moves on to the next medium putting the new skill set in his bag of tricks for later.

Levi is originally from South Carolina, he moved to Santa Barbra 6 years ago with his ex girlfriend, when he got here he had a car, 300$, and his dog that was it. When him and his girlfriend broke up Levi and me started hanging out a ot more and eventually it got to the point where he was staying over every night and giving me a ride to school in the morning  then after school we would go skate the park for a little and then go film in the streets.  Eventually Levi got his own house and got a job at Golden Eagle tattoo shop.

I asked Levi what art was to him and he gave me this “To me art is a way of figuring out your self, It is a time to be by your self and in your head focusing on one thing, art to me isn’t about what anyone thinks (unless Im tattooing) it is only about how I feel and if I like what I have made, people have loved my art and people have hated it but at the end of the day It is still my art work and my opinion is still the same.” Levi is a huge inspiration to me, he has changes his life dramatically and he has chosen to let his art lead his life.IMG_8784.JPG


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