The one and only KYD

Tye KluggmanIMG_0177.PNG

Tye is my oldest and best friend. We have been through a lot together and I have seen him overcome a lot of hard opsticles. In 7th grade me and Tye were skating everywhere in San Francisco, we would get out of school grab a 1$ slice from the ghetto Liquer store next to our school and then we would just go and bomb hills for hours, never once having to pay for a bus or any form of transportation. These were some of the funniest times of my life because I was skating everyday and because I had found a friend who had everything in common. IMG_0178.PNG

Tye likes to rap…. and hes really good at it, two years ago Tye went to a high school in San Francisco called Washington High School it is probably the worst school in SF, and Tye tried to turn a negative situation into a positive one. He started having rap battles in the bathrooms and he would make bets with people on who would win by popular vote. One day Tye called me at lunch and told me that he had made 450$ from rap battling at school, and then he told me he also got expelled and then got all of his money taken. I like this story because it shows the side of tye that I like, the one who wins every rap battle and if he doesent youre sure that hes going again.IMG_9281.JPG

For Tye art is “Everything to me, Its a form of expression, Its the most conveinent thing to do, It lets out emotions, Art is great! If I didnt get into art who knows what I would be doing, It dfinetly would not be a positive thing. Art is life and life is art.” Tye is the type of person who needs art, because art is helping him in more ways than anyone could imagine, he is a very aggressive person and would constantly be getting to fights as a kid, Since Tye figured out how to channel his anger into art he has been much happier and healthier as a person.


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