For the sake of killing time

Vadim Imperioli

I met Vadim last year on a MAD trip to mexico. We were put into the same building group and ended up becoming friends. The first day of working we were all eating lunch and I threw a cookie at Vadim and for some reason he thought it was a rock, he immediately rushed me and picked me up by my shirt, It was while he was threatening me and spitting on my face that I realized we would be great friends. After the trip we started hanging out and he showed me all of his books of art that he had made, along with the thousands of photos that he has taken.


Vadim is the type of artist that does not specify to one medium, he can draw, paint, photograph, act, sing, and if he needs to model. Vadim is by far one of my favorite artists because his work varies from every piece that he does. One day he will be doing some of the most depressing and serious work and the next day he will be showing me  a drawing he did of a smiley face tattoo that wants to get, this is what makes Vadim so great.IMG_0154.PNG

Last year after graduating from SBHS Vadim moved to new york to go to art school. He was there for a full semester before he decided that he was done with school. He now lives in Santa Barbara again and has been focusing his time on doing collages with mixed mediums of his own drawings and cut outs from magazines or anything cool he can find. To me Vadims art has always told a story, through the way that he puts emotion into every aspect of his art. His art is something that will stick with him for the rest of his life, he has gotten several tattoos of his own artwork and continues to add to the collection.IMG_0153.PNG

I asked Vadim what art was to him and I received this “Art is what is inside your head It is like a dream that you can control, when I make art I want it to excite people because if you aren’t then your work probably is not original.” We talked about it in depth for about 30 minutes and when we were saying good bye Vadim left me with one last quote “Art should be like a horror film… In all the good ways.”


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