Through the looking glass


Julian Schweke

Julian is an odd combination of overly insecure and extremely cocky, he was brought up in a house with three sisters and one brother. His father owns a very fancy art gallery and his mom is a nurse. Growing up Julian had a great deal of comrodery with his brother and that didn’t stop when they both decided they were going to make a living out of blowing glass, they are both extremely talented at blowing and have work in Fuzzion gallery as well as online on their websites.


Julian and I did not always get along, we met at the skate park a few years back through our mutual friend Levi. I had been following Julian on Instagram for a long time before that so I knew he was a really good skateboarder. After a few days of getting to know each other I started to film with him. Every weekend I would go out to Goleta to meet Julian, our goal was to finish a video and get Julian sponsored.. After a few months me and Julian had made him a video to send to companies that was 3 minuets long. We sent it in and Julian ended up getting sponsored by one of the biggest skateboard companies that there is, Anti Hero.


Recently Julian has moved out of his parents house in Goleta, he saved up enough money from glass that he is able to pay rent by him self. I remember for awhile he never thought he would be able to accomplish that. It is a very big thing to be a artist for a living, many try and many fail.


I asked Julian what is art and he said ” To me art has always been a way of self expression, I can always go to art when I feel stressed or worried about something, it allows me to express my self in ways that I wouldn’t be able to if I was not an artist.” I think that julian will be creating art for the rest of his life and I’m excited for whats to come and to get to follow along the way.



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