Man Of MAny Talents


Nico FairbanksIMG_0040.PNG

Nico is easily one of my best friends, We have been through alot together, and we both grew up at the skate park and know everyone there to this day. Nico stopped skating a few years ago and started to just do art. Im gonna try and drag him back to the park one of these day just to be better than Nico at something… He has photography in his blood and has spent more hours drawing with a pencil than anyone I know. A month before school started last year I went on a month long trip, when I came back I was greeted with the news that my best friend was in Juvenile hall and would be there for a while. In a series of several months I witnessed Nico go from a being someone who thought about art maybe a few times a week to someone who eats, sleeps, and lives it. Through the letters that Nico sent me with some of the most detailed drawings I have ever seen, I knew that he was making the best out of a horrible situation. He came home a changed man, but a changed man for the good.


On Nicos wall in his room he has about 200 Polaroid pictures that he has taken, the pictures are mostly of friends and family, and the photos on the wall are only about half of the amount he has, he also has a full basket of Polaroids right next to his bed.


I asked Nico what art is to him and he gave me this “To me art is expressing yourself in a way that sometimes only makes sense to to you, art is not bad or good its just art. Some people may love your art and others will think its horrible, when I create art I try to just let my brain flow freely without worrying about what people will think. At the end of the day the art I do is just the result of how I feel or what im thinking when I do it. Sometimes the less I think about it the better it is. A lot of the time I do art just to capture a moment, half of my art is the story behind it. A story others may not know but one that I’ll remember for ever. Art is putting whats in your mind out into the world in whatever way you want.”…

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