The Artist’s Artist

This is Steven Horwood, also known as my Father and DJ Gryphn…

img_9976Stevens father was an established surrealism painter in the 80’s in London. He had pieces in the president of the United States office and he sold his art in many galleries. Steven is a brother of two sisters and was sent to boarding school at a young age. His father taught him the many truths about being an artist, and the harsh world of struggling to get your family by with you’re art. He also taught Steven that a stroke or line can finish a piece or ruin one. I never got to meet my Grandfather but I’m sure he would have would have been very proud of my dad for everything he has accomplished.

img_9966Before moving to California my dad worked for a record label making limited edition album sleeves, he also ran his own club with a few of his close friends and they started an underground electronic dance scene in downtown London. People would come  from the outskirts of south bank  on a Wednesday to see him DJ and to get to watch him jump around the stage like a rabbit.

img_9973Steven moved to the US with 200 hundred dollars, a back pack, and a another long haired hippy friend. Together they traveled the US hitting record stores for lunch and happy hours for dinner, then couches for bed.. he refers to this part of his life as “The voyage for indefinite settlement.”

img_9969When I was younger my dad would DJ for KCSB, I remember going with him and staying for his whole show. He would let me say what he was gonna play next and he would have me put the record on.


(photo taken at Lucidity Festival 2015)

Steven has over 5,000 records, hes got 6 boxes in the living room that he uses regularly, plus the 20 boxes in the garage that keeps growing and growing. Music is an art form for Steven, along with a way of self expression, he says that when plays and listens to music he doesn’t just hear it, he sees it. Like a light show in  his head, with every color dancing about being moved with a scratch of a record.


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